The web resource

This website is intended as a resource providing tools to help you set up and run Environmental Competency Groups (ECGs). 

The ECGs method was first trialled in a project on local flood risk management: Understanding Environmental Knowledge Controversies: The case of flood risk management. This project was funded by the Rural Economy and Land Use programme and it won the RELU award for most innovative project.

We staged two ECGs in the Understanding Environmental Knowledge Controversies project. Thanks to the efforts of a local champion to put the knowledge genererated in the Pickering-based ECG the ideas were put to use and the resulting structural interventions awarded by Civic Voice in 2015.

Currently ECGs are being trialled in the MaRIUS (Managing the Risks and Uncertainties of Drought and Water Scarcity) project with some of the staff from the previous project involved and some new people. We’re starting an ECG in the river Kennet catchment September 2015.

We have developed this web resource with the support of a NERC IAA grant linked to the MarIUS project.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need help getting in touch with someone to proceed.

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