The River Kennet ECG was part of the MaRIUS (Managing the Risks and Impacts of droUghts and water Scarcity) research project

The River Kennet had been the site of a controversy over water abstraction in the 1990s and the upper Kennet had been badly affected by the 2012 drought. A case study suggested that the impact of water management on the river environment could be an issue of interest to local residents.

The MaRIUS project investigated impacts of drought by combining several computer modelling perspectives from different fields, including climate change, hydrology and macro-economics, providing scientific expertise allowing the ECG to explore several issues.

The group made partuclar extensive use of the INCA model forwater quality. The work of the Kennet ECG work is accounted for in the report ‘Active Water Resilience: Incorporating local knowledge in water management of the River Kennet catchment’


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