February 5, 2016

Pickering stayed dry over Christmas 2015!

While storms raged across the north of England and flooded many places over Christmas 2015 Pickering remained dry. This attracted media interest and a debate over whether it was due to the NFM scheme or to a lack of rain raged in social media.

It started with an article in The Indpendent by the established environmental journalist Geoffrey Lean. Here is his article from January 2.

The many comments on this article spilled over in a twitter frenzy that attracted further interest from the traditional media. Geoffrey Lean commented on the debate on his tumblr page January 12.

Christine Evans-Pughe takes a less confrontational approach in a a piece for the Engineering and Technology Magazine on January 18: Flood management: how to hold back the waters.

And a local perspective was presented by David Mackie in the Gazette and Herald on January 27.


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