The third meeting

From the work in the first and second meeting the modellers in the group will have been able to form some ideas about potentially useful modelling approaches. The main part of the third meeting can be dedicated to exploring the modelling possibilities.

Models and reality

Whether a particular computer programme will be useful to an ECG depends on how it represents the physical system. Models are simplifications that capture some aspects of the environment and it is very important to understand which parts of reality a model represents before deciding whether to use it and what to use it for.

Modelling together

One of the most important features of the ECG approach is that the participants use models together. The task of the expert modellers is to identify adequate modelling approaches and set these up for use in the group. In the third meeting it is time to start working with computer models together in a way that makes it possible to bring local and scientific knowledge together.

Preparing for the next meeting

By the end of the third meeting the modellers need to be clear on what questions they will set up the models to address. If group members will be collecting more information for the modelling they need to fully understand what and how.

Representing flooding

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