The fourth meeting

Building on the introduction to computer modelling in meeting two and three the fourth meeting provides the opportunity to do even more hands on exploration and critical and critical enquiry. Hopefully the the modellers will have had time to come up with some modelling approaches that they think are worth trying out in the group. 

Models explained

Models have been explained in the two previous meetings and the ECG may be ready to try out some of the modelling software packages used by professional modellers. In Pickering we did some experiments with the hydraulic software HEC-RAS.

Model experiments

Having grasped the essentials of computer modelling the group may be ready to examine specific questions about the particular river by using models. In Pickering we used HEC-RAS to examine the impact of sediment and vegetation on flooding.

Analysing results

When models have been run with different scenarios the results have to be carefully analysed. It is not always straight forward since one of the points with using computer models is to bring to the fore system interactions that are not easily grasped through other means.

Preparing for the next meeting

Modelling tends to be very engrossing, but it is important to finish in time to prepare for the next meeting. What do the group need to do? More modelling? Compare modelling outcomes with other sources of information? Look at other sources of information? Does anybody need to do some special task before the next meeting? Find another modelling approach? Collect more measurements? make sure the modelling finish in time to decide what the next meeting need to focus on.

HEC-RAS in Pickering

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