The fifth meeting


In the penultimate fifth meeting it is necessary to reflect on what the outcomes of the research are. What has the group learned about the issue through the modelling? Has any new knowledge emerged that might be better or more useful than what was known when the group started? Have people in the group (scientists and/or local participants) changed their minds on any relevant point? Has the groups work resulted in any new objects (e.g. photographs, measurements, models)?


It is also nessacary to come up with some firm ideas about what the group want to present to a wider public and how. There are many ways to communicate any lessons learned, ranging from the more traditional written reports and exhibitions to making the most of social media.

One priority should be to create something together. It is likely that academic and/or professional members of ECGs will want to present outcomes to their disiplinary community which is great, but that needs to be secondary to the shared output. We know from experience that it is possible for individual members and sub-sets of the group to go on presenting outcomes long after the final meeting. However, the shared ECG knowledge and its presentation must be the focus of the discussion in the meeting. Here is an example of the deliberations on this in the Pickering ECG: Going Public. 

Preparing for the next meeting

Since it is very likely that the sixth meeting will be the last time all of the participants will be there it is important that everybody is clear on what they have signed-up to do for preparation and that they actually do it.


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