The sixth meeting

In the sixth and final meeting the group needs to come as close as possible to completing the objects they have made together. Here is a glimpse into how that was done in the Pickering ECG.

Completing will mean very different things depending on what the object or objects is/are. In the case of a written report people need to discuss a first draft to agree on the content and who is responsible for which sections. If it is a video a story board and shooting schedule needs to be agreed as well as who will do what. If the thing is a computer model the group needs to talk through how to make it accessible and useful to other people.

The exact details of what needs to be done in the final meeting obviously depend on what the group has made, but whatever that might be it is necessary to make sure that there is time to finish it, that everybody is clear on who will do what and that there is explicit agreement on how to make it public.


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